Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time of the year to come to Brazil?

As far as the flying is concerned, one of the best things about Brazil is its consistently reliable weather.

From January through to April the thermals are usually big, smooth and relatively calm. It’s a fantastic place to develop and fine-tune those thermalling skills. With cloudbase normally reaching about 6,000′ above the ground, you’ll have plenty of time and space to polish up your technique.

Later on in the year, particularly in September, and October, the conditions get noticeably stronger. Cloudbase frequently exceeds 8,000′ ASL (approximately 7,500′ above the landing field) and climbs of over 8 metres per second can be found. This is not the time for inexperienced pilots but the more adventurous ones may achieve some big distances.

In November and December you can still have some excellent flying but this is the time when we have the highest rainfall and, therefore, we will not normally be running trips at this time.

Do I have enough experience to come on the course?

It is not necessary for you to have previously done cross-country flying but it is recommended that all pilots should have at least 20 hours, post CP, and preferably some experience of thermic conditions. The take-off areas and the landing fields that we use are huge so you should have no difficulty with them.

Whatever your level of proficiency, you will enjoy the flying in Brazil. It has something for everyone. The most important thing is that your flying must be current and you must be proficient with both forward and reverse launching

Do I need a visa to go to Brazil?

Nationals from some countries need to obtain a tourist visa before travelling to Brazil. The list of exempted countries may change without prior notice and it is important to check with the Brazilian Embassy or the Consulate General of Brazil where you live. Please apply in plenty of time if you need one because some countries have been known to take a long time to arrange visas and you will not be permitted to enter without one.

It is your responsibility to check whether you require a visa and to make the necessary arrangements in plenty of time.

What does a typical day consist of?

Dependent upon the weather, you will normally be picked up from your hotel at around 10 a.m. and driven up to the take-off. There you’ll be given a de-brief on the previous days flying, if this hasn’t already been done, and a briefing for the day ahead. In the air, you’ll have an experienced guide to follow. When you land we will retrieve you and then make a decision about the rest of the day – is it a drive back up to take-off or into town for a nice cold beer?

In the unlikely event that the weather isn’t flyable, we will try to arrange alternative activities. This may take the form of theory lectures, DVDs or something completely unrelated to paragliding (flying every day for two weeks can be exhausting!).

Are we restricted to one flight per day or is it possible to fly more than once?

This will depend on the individual needs and the circumstances of the day. If the group have had a relatively short flight, and the conditions are still suitable, we may arrange another trip up to take-off. However, if the majority of the group do not want to fly again, we may decide against it.

Safety will always be our primary concern. Paragliding, and particularly cross-country flying, can be both physically and mentally tiring. This can seriously affect your ability to make sensible decisions and, therefore, it may be worth leaving it until the following day.

We will never stop you flying, that decision will always be yours, but we may advise against it.

I want to come to Brazil but I cannot fit in with the dates you are suggesting. Will you still be able to offer me a guiding service?

We will do whatever we can to help and, if there is sufficient demand, we may be able arrange additional tours.

If you intend to arrive in Brazil between tours, we may not always be able to do the airport transfers ourselves but we will certainly be able to advise you about using public transport to get here. Once you arrive you will be able to join in with the rest of the group.

Give us a call or email us to discuss your particular circumstances.

I booked a guided holiday with you and paid my deposit but I cannot go now. Is it possible to get the deposit back?

Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable. We have expenses to meet, even if you cancel your holiday, and that is the reason we recommend you take out suitable holiday insurance cover.