Choosing the Right Sites for the Best Tours

A lot of time has been spent finding the right sites for our tours and we’re always looking for others.

We will never use a site until we have thoroughly tested it ourselves, in a variety of conditions. Although it’s not possible to remove every potential hazard in a sport like this, we try hard to minimise the risks.

The take-offs are all clean and well-maintained, capable of being used by several gliders simultaneously and within sight of the usual landing fields or bomb-out fields.

The landing fields all have safe, alternative options, in case things don’t quite go according to plan.

Accessibility is an important consideration, in terms of both safety and comfort. Whenever possible we use 4×4 vehicles, particularly on sites that can only be accessed by dirt-roads.

Research and experience has shown that we are using the right sites, at the best time of year, for the most consistently reliable weather and cross-country flying conditions.

When planning the tours we try to offer some variety, usually visiting three different sites during the tour, while minimising the amount of time spent driving on Brazilian roads. Although we plan the tours well in advance, we try to retain some flexibility in case of inclement weather and this sometimes means that we don’t get the accommodation we would prefer but, when all said and done, the flying is what you are here for.