Baixo Guandu

Baixo Guandu has a take-off, called ‘Rampa do Monjolo’, which is situated at the back of a huge, horseshoe-shaped bowl. With a vertical drop of 710 m, this is an amazing site and a great place to start your XC.

Facilities at this site have been greatly improved by the local club in recent years, mainly due to the number of international competitions that have been held there. These include the Pan American Championship and the PWC several times. In March 2019 the Superfinal of the Paragliding World Cup will be hosted there.

Brett Hazlett is an excellent photographer and a very experienced pilot. The video, shown above, was filmed by Brett  during the PWC at Baixo Guandu a few years ago.

Most of the time we have the take-off to ourselves, since the local club is quite small and the remote location makes it difficult for visiting pilots to access without a dedicated driver.

Dean Crosby, your guide for the tour, has flown at Baixo Guandu many times. Dean also holds the current site record, 119 km, landing just short of Valadares because of overdevelopment – flight details.

Still need convincing? Check out the video below of the PWC in 2015, with comments from many world-renowned competition pilots. You can clearly see why this is one of my favourite flying sites in the whole of Brazil.