Tour Dates

Tour Start Finish Sites Visited
1801 20-Jan-18 03-Feb-18 Alfredo Chaves, Castelo and Valadares.
1802 17-Feb-18 03-Mar-18 Castelo, Valadares and Baixo Guandu.
1803 17-Mar-18 31-Mar-18 Castelo, Valadares and Baixo Guandu.

I will again be working with Dean Crosby, CFI of Active Edge Paragliding. Dean is a BHPA Senior Instructor with a vast amount of experience – flying for 33 years and teaching for 29 years. He has been British Paragliding Champion and British Cross-Country Champion twice. He was captain of both the British Paragliding Team and the British Hang Gliding Team. Dean also competed at national level in all three soaring disciplines – paragliding, hang gliding and sail planes.

Dean will be guiding the groups in the air with in-flight coaching by radio and he will provide theory lectures where necessary.

In 2018 we will be running three tours, detailed below. The first is intended for those who are relatively new to the XC game, although that doesn’t prohibit more experienced pilots. The other two are aimed at pilots who already have some XC experience and are either looking to improve or just have a well-organised, guided holiday, without the worry of getting back to the hotel at the end of the day.

In addition to the dates shown above, we are happy to run tours for groups on different dates. Please contact me ( to discuss your individual needs.

Tour 1801

In January we will be running a two-week thermalling and cross-country course. We will visit Alfredo Chaves, Castelo and Governador Valadares.

Alfredo Chaves is situated close to Vitória. It’s an excellent site for blowing away the cobwebs and introducing you to the flying conditions in Brazil.

We move to Castelo a few days later. Castelo is a bigger site, with a mixture of mountain and flatland flying. It’s one of my favourite sites in Brazil and has hosted many national and international competitions, including the PWC.

The last week will be in Governador Valadares, which is without doubt one of the most well-known XC sites in the world and the location for the PWC Super Finals in 2015 and 2017.

Whilst this course is aimed at those who are relatively new to cross-country flying, it could also benefit pilots with more experience who want to improve their technique. Visiting three sites with varied conditions and working towards specific objectives, helps to create a more interesting and challenging environment.

Tour 1802 and 1803

The second and third tours will spend four days in Castelo,  a week in Valadares and then three days in Baixo Guandu. These are all excellent cross-country sites that have been used many times for national and international competitions, including the Paragliding World Cup.

The intention is to gear this towards those pilots who already have some experience of flying XC and are either looking to improve or just wanting a stress-free guided holiday, flying in some of the best XC sites in the world. We will be setting tasks each day, designed to make this more challenging and educational whilst keeping pilots relatively close to the main roads for safety and ease of retrieve.

Pilots should preferably have a minimum of 20 hours post CP airtime and some thermalling experience. Above all, you must be current with your flying and proficient with both forward and reverse launches.


For more information please read the relevant prospectus or email me (

Note – The Brazilian Carnival in 2018 will be during the two-week period between the first and second tours, from 9 to 14 February. Why not combine one of our tours with some partying during Carnaval and have the holiday of a lifetime.