Tour Dates

These are the tour dates for the 2020 season:

  • Tour 2001 – 10 to 25 January 2020
  • Tour 2002 – 31 January to 15 February 2020
  • Tour 2003 – 28 February to 14 March 2020

There will be a maximum of 7 pilots on each tour so please don’t leave it too late to confirm your booking.

We will be basing the two-week tours in Governador Valadares, world-renowned and considered by many to be one of the best XC paragliding sites on the planet. Whenever the conditions look favourable, we will also visit other well-known sites; such as Castelo, Baixo Guandu or Alfredo Chaves. We aim to offer some variety but our priority will always be to maximise the flying time. Have a look at the individual site descriptions to get an idea of some of the places we usually visit.

The spectacular festival of the Brazilian Carnaval will be during the two-week period between the second and third tours, from 21 to 26 February. Why not combine one of our tours with some partying during Carnaval and have the holiday of a lifetime?

If you have a group and want to arrange different dates we will try to accommodate you. Please contact me (email Steve Barton) to discuss the details.